Cool Dog Accessories and Tech to Get Your Dog
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Cool Dog Accessories and Tech to Get Your Dog

If there's one thing that dog parents have in common, it's that we love to spoil our pets! If there are any accessories or tech that will make life easier, safer, or more comfortable for them, we want to know about it. Here are some of the coolest dog accessories and tech we could find for your dog's joy and well-being. 

Commuter Dog Harness & Leash Set by RIFRUF

Commuter Dog Harness & Leash   


The Commuter Dog Harness is the last harness you'll ever need. It's made with the same high-quality, sturdy materials as RIFRUF's dog shoes. It has front and back clips, anti-breakage hardware, a rubber handle, and comfortable and attractive mesh and neoprene paneling. You can purchase the harness alone or as a set with the Commuter Leash

The Commuter Leash is inspired by the strength and durability of climbing ropes. This is a 3-in-1 leash having three essential features. There is the folded end, a stopper, and a slider. These make it possible for you to secure your dog by holding the leash around your wrist, around your waist, or across your body. This may be the most versatile leash you'll ever own. The harness and leash sets come in colors and color blends to match each other and match the RIFRUF dog sneakers. Your dog can commute in style!  

The Maxine One Bag

Dog Backpack

For a safer and comfortable way to carry your smaller pooch, The Maxine One Bag is one of the best. Its advanced ergonomic design makes wearing your dog on your back comfortable for both of you. This dog backpack features a waterproof exterior of durable, high-density fabric and a soft, breathable, rip-proof interior. There are also auto-lock zippers, high-strength buckles, a soft reinforced neck collar, reflective detail, and even a tail port. Your dog will travel in style. 

Stormhunter Raincoat  by RIFRUF

Cute Dog Raincoat

Your dog needs a good raincoat for those rainy or snowy day walks - and you've never seen one like this. The Stormhunter Raincoat by RIFRUF is 100% waterproof with a removable down liner for insulation and is available in three color blends. There are reflective top and bottom zippers to accommodate front and back clip harnesses and pops. 

Most dog rain gear is challenging to get on them, making it almost not worth the effort. But the dog lovers at RIFRUF have designed a better coat. It has a hassle-free, velcro chest attachment on both sides, making it easy to put on and off your dog. There are also bungees, toggles, and a removable hood for a more customizable fit.  

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Pawfit Portable Water Bottle for Pets

Dog portable water bottle

We all know how essential our dog's hydration is to their health. So, the sleek, leak-proof Pawfit Portable Water Bottle is a must-have! This compact bottle was designed with dog safety in mind, made of durable, high-quality, food-grade material, and a retractable water feature to ensure water is conserved. It has one-hand operation, a slide-lock key to prevent spills or leaks, and a handy loop for attaching them to your backpack or dog's harness. 

Apollo Dog Boots by RIFRUF

Dog with sneakers by RIFRUF


The Apollo 1 Waterproof Dog Boot is a bold, adventurous take on your ordinary dog shoe. They are made of fully waterproof upper canvas and suede PU, which protects your dog's paws from rain and snow. The midsole is EVA foam, and the outsole is 100% rubber, providing comfort and traction. 

This attractive dog boot has padded insoles and a collar for greater comfort on those long hikes, and the bungee cord tightens so they stay on securely. There is a reflective return loop strap for added nighttime visibility. 

Original Calming Donut Dog BedDog sitting comfortably in a furry donut dog bed


If your dog gets anxious or could use a little more calm, they'll love the Original Calming Donut Dog Bed. This soft, faux shag fur dog bed has a water-resistant nylon bottom to keep your floors dry in case of an accident. There are raised edges so your dog can burrow and extra-filling for support if your dog suffers from joint or muscle pain

The donut shape is perfect for cuddling and comfortable naps. This bed is self-heating, machine washable, and dryer-safe. 

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Are you looking for the best products for your dog? At RIFRUF, we love dogs, and we make high-quality products you'll love! Check us out today.


PawFit 2 Pet Tracker

Pet Tracker

If you're concerned about your dog's activity levels and location, the PawFit 2 Pet Tracker is what you need. This waterproof device brings together activity monitoring, location tracking, and additional protection features so you don't have to worry when taking your dog out. It has real-time location tracking, light and sound tracking, activity and health monitoring, and a removal alert. 

Mudbuster Portable Dog Paw Washer

Portable Dog Paw Cleaner

Are you tired of your dog's muddy paws on your floors? The Mudbuster Portable Dog Paw Washer is a handy and simple device for cleaning their paws. Available in three perfect sizes for every dog paw, all you need is a little water. Insert your dog's muddy paw, twist a little, and dab them dry. The soft silicone bristles and water gently remove the mud and grime, leaving your dog's paws squeaky clean. Job done!  

Furesh Elevated Folding Dog Bath Tub and Wash Station

Dog Bath Tub and Wash Station

Is wash time tough on your back? The Furesh Elevated Folding Dog Bath and Wash Station will save you from bending over and allow you to bathe your dog indoors or outdoors for your comfort and convenience. It stands about 35 inches with two side pockets for supplies, and when you're done, the lightweight construction can fold down easily. This wash station features a three-point leash restraint and an adjustable collar for your dog's safety.  

Mighty Paw Smart Bell 2.0 (Wireless Dog Doorbell)

Dog Bell

Wouldn't it be awesome if your dog could let you know they want out in a more civilized way than barking or scratching? The Mighty Paw Smart Doorbell is your wireless solution! The product consists of a receiver and one or two dog doorbells that don't require electricity. The receiver plugs into a standard 110v outlet, and the doorbells are attached to the entrances at your dog's height. The doorbells are water resistant, adjust to four different volumes, and are available with 38 different ringtones. 

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Enjoy Cool Stuff for Your Dog

We hope you find more than a few items above that you and your dog can't live without. Take full advantage of the great products and services available to enjoy your time with your dog and care for them more generously.  

Your best friend deserves the best shoes! Check out the quality, design, and functionality of our products at RIFRUF



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