The Best Summer Dog Shoes Of 2022
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The Best Summer Dog Shoes Of 2022

It's been a long couple of years. We're all looking forward to this summer when we can be outdoors to enjoy fun in the sun with friends and family. Of course, your furry pals are included in your plans, so they'll be outdoors as well. Just like you prepare to protect yourself and your family from the more damaging aspects of the sun, you should do the same for your pet. While your dog doesn't need sunscreen or a new swimsuit, their paws do need protection. 

It's a relatively new trend for the everyday American to accessorize their dogs. It used to be thought of as excessive and the kind of thing that only the uber-wealthy did. But times have changed, and so has conventional thinking. We now know how essential it is to protect our pups from weather and environmental conditions.  

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Why Dog Shoes

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It seems that 68% of U.S. households own a pet, with nearly 40% of American families owning at least one dog. We're a bit dog-crazy around here, but for all the dogs and all the long walks on all kinds of terrain and weather, we still didn't realize the importance of dog shoes. 

It might be that all the time at home with our pets made us more sensitive to their needs, or we just tired of ordering household stuff off Amazon and somehow got into dog accessories. However it may have happened, the sale of dog shoes soared during the pandemic. 

Although traditional thinking held that dogs' paws were somewhat indestructible and needed no added protection, we now know this is far from true. If you take your dog outside in different weather conditions, it's a show of love to protect their precious paws

Paw injuries are painful to your dog and to your wallet. Vet costs can run into the hundreds of dollars for treatment.  

Without shoes, their paws are vulnerable to cuts, punctures, toxins, and burns during the hot summer months! Did you know that asphalt (streets and sidewalks) is 40 degrees hotter than how the air may feel? So, what feels like a comfortably warm day to you, can be having painful effects on your dog's paws. Next time you're outdoors on a hot day, put your hand on the ground. You may be surprised at just how hot it is.  

Best Summer Dog Shoes of 2022

So, hopefully, we've established that dog shoes are an essential, not an indulgence. Don't trivialize the importance of dog shoes because of their stylishness. Just like our shoes are primarily functional, they're also made to be fun and fashionable - so are dog shoes. 

When shopping for summer shoes for your dog, here are a few things to consider. The shoes should be:

  • High-quality
  • Easy to put on
  • Easy to take off
  • Breathable
  • Sturdy
  • Reflective (for those dawn or dusk walks)

The best dog shoes available today are listed below. They are lovingly made for all different breeds and sizes of dogs.   

RIFRUF Caesar 1 Dog Sneakers

Four black dog sneakers from RIFRUF

RIFRUF's mission is to enable your dog to look their best and live to their fullest every step of the way, and this is reflected in the Caesar 1 designer dog sneaker. This shoe is crafted with the same materials as premium human sneakers, and so is a 'real' sneaker. 

The trademarked durable mesh upper makes sure your dog's feet are protected and ventilated. The midsole and outsole are 100% natural rubber for rough surfaces, and the hook and loop strap closure adjusts to keep the sneakers securely on your dog's foot. 

They're available in a variety of colors, including Taro, Black, Blush, Bone, and Birch

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RIFRUF Caesar 1S Dog Sneakers

This newest version of the Caesar 1 has the same high quality as the original but has an even sportier look. These sneakers are made with the same premium materials as human sneakers and, as a result, look just as awesome. These sneakers aren't just for style, but they are made with 100% rubber midsole and outsole to protect your pup's paws on rough surfaces. 

The Caesar 1S features durable mesh uppers for breathability and padded-collar lining that holds them on your dog's paws comfortably and securely. There is also a gusset-tongue construction that keeps the dirt and debris out of the shoe.  The Caesar 1S protects dewclaws even better than the Caesar 1 because the upper fully encloses the paw. 

The RIFRUF website provides instructions for accurate sizing and even tells you how to train your dog to wear shoes.

Tips and Tricks to Put on Dog Shoes

These are available in Borough (red, white, and black), Bolt (neon green and black), and Ice (white and light blue). 

Are you looking for dog shoes from a company that loves dogs and believes they deserve the very best? We're all about providing functional, high-quality, design-driven products. Check out RIFRUF today!

Canada Pooch Dog Snow & Rain Boots

Candada Pooch Hot Pavement Boots

Canada Pooch has a line of dog snow and rain boots to keep your dog clean and protected in inclement weather. 

These boots are available in a wide variety of colors. 

Ruffwear Grip Trex Dog Boots

Ruffwear grip trex dog boots

The Grip Trex dog boots are great for your dog if you take them biking, hiking, running, or on long treks through the great outdoors. These boots feature a rugged and resilient outsole for traction on various terrains. They're made with breathable mesh uppers for letting air in and dirt or debris out. There is a hook-and-loop closure for securing them to your dog's leg. The Grip Trex isn't just made for hot pavements, but also rocky trails, and cold and snow. 

These boots are available in Spring Blue, Obsidian Black, and Red Currant. 

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a small white dog laying down in bed

This summer looks promising in more ways than one. You are spoilt for choice of summer shoes for your dog to protect their paws and make it possible for them to enjoy your outings together as much as you do. 

Does your environment have scorching sidewalks in the summer and icy snow in the winter? Your dog’s paws need protection, and that’s what we’re all about! Check out our product line at RIFRUF to learn more.  

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