Dog Shoes Made from Quality Materials

All RIFRUF dog shoes are strobel-lasted and made using cement construction, which is the same manufacturing method as your most reliable, lightweight, running shoes. Although this process may be more tedious and expensive than the typical dog bootie construction, the final result is a significantly lighter, more durable, and higher-quality dog shoe.


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    "Protects puppy paws from physical and fashion disasters alike with stylish shoes even discerning sneakerheads wolid approve of."

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    "These design-forward dog sneakers are both super-stylish and easy to wear."

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    "The RIFRUF team seeks to represent more than just dog fashion, introducing contemporary design, adaptability, and safety into one sneaker model."

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RIFRUF Dog Shoes Lead The Pack

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Our Materials

Our dog shoes are sourced from the same materials as your favorite sneakers.

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Our Fit

Our custom made last and VELCRO® strap provide a customizable and secure fit for your dog.

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Our Promise

Our veterinarian-endorsed dog shoes are designed and tested with safety in mind as top priority for our dogs.

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