RIFRUF Dog Shoes Lookbook

RIFRUF® Caesar 1 Debut
Collection 2021

Black \ ˈblak \ Hex Code: #000000

No pup's wardrobe is complete without a set of black dog sneakers. Classic and essential, this colorway works for any coat color and outfit. Whether they're out in the city or rumbling through the grass, your pup can't go wrong with a set of black dog shoes.

Bone \ ˈbōn \ Hex Code: #FFEFDB

Bone, cream, off-white, whatever you want to call it. Our undyed dog shoe colorway is for your dogs who are naturalists and just want the real thing. Sometimes the most down to earth colors are the ones that pop the most.

Blush \ ˈbləsh \ Hex Code: #FFD1DC

Roses are red, violets are blue, but to have the most fun, dogs need some blush shoes. What do we think of when we see blush? Sweet, nice, playful, cute, tender... and maybe a bit of sass too. All words to describe the perfect canine companion.