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Why Veterinarians Recommend Dog Rain Coats

If you live in an area that received rain recently, you may have noticed some dogs wearing raincoats. While it is extremely easy to get lost in how adorable dogs look in them, they do wear them for a reason. 

Veterinarians recommend that dogs wear raincoats for a number of reasons. Let’s talk about dog raincoats and about the reasons why veterinarians recommend them for dogs!

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What is a Dog Raincoat?

A dog raincoat is a coat designed to help keep a dog’s body dry and warm during wet weather conditions. These are made from waterproof material, usually PVC or nylon, and are designed to fit snugly around the body of the dog. Many of these raincoats have hoods and are lined with warm material that will provide another level of extra warmth and comfort for the dog.

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These adorable raincoats come in all sizes, colors, and designs and are made to fit dogs of all breeds and sizes. They are an important part of a dog’s wardrobe during the cold and wet months of the year.


Why Do Veterinarians Recommend Raincoats for Certain Breeds?

There are many breeds of dogs that have thick, double coats that keep them warm and dry in cold weather. These breeds are made to thrive in cold weather and may not require any additional cold weather protection during storms. However, many other breeds have thin coats that do not do much to protect them from the elements like the wind and rain.

These breeds, such as greyhounds and french bulldogs, may need a raincoat to keep them dry and warm enough to be comfortable during a walk. Other smaller breeds, such as chihuahuas and Yorkshire terriers, have small frames, and their little bodies lack the musculature to keep warm in inclement weather.

Younger puppies will have a much more difficult time keeping warm in cold and wet weather due to their size, so consider a raincoat for puppies of all breeds. On the other hand, dogs, much like people, will have a harder time regulating their body temperatures and staying warm as they get older, so get your old faithful friend a raincoat in their senior years as well.

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What Are the Benefits of Wearing a Raincoat For Dogs?

Besides simply just keeping the rain off their heads and backs, wearing a raincoat can provide many helpful benefits for your dog. 

These raincoats provide protection from the elements by providing a waterproof barrier against snow, rain, and wind. This keeps your dog dry and warm, which will reduce the risk of hypothermia, especially in smaller dogs. 

Putting a raincoat on your dog can keep their fur clean and healthy by preventing dirt and debris from getting stuck in their fur, which can reduce the need for frequent baths or trips to the groomer.

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Dog raincoats come in a wide variety of styles, colors, and materials, which will allow you to find the perfect stylish wet weather fit for your dog. Whether you decide on dressing your dog up in the classic bright yellow raincoat or a more modern, stylish option, your dog will appreciate you dressing them up to look their best.

Dogs with longer hair, like Newfoundlands or Samoyeds, will benefit greatly from wearing a raincoat since their long hair tends to hold onto more water than breeds with short hair do. Keeping the water from accumulating in their long hair will keep them comfortable and dry in wet weather.

For dogs with sher hair, raincoats not only protect against cold and wet weather but can help shield a dog from the sun as well. Since dogs with shorter hair are more prone to sunburns or skin irritations from being in the sun, wearing a raincoat when it is cold but sunny out can still benefit your dog.

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How Does This Benefit my Home?

Another benefit worth mentioning is that putting a raincoat on your dog can help keep your home cleaner. Dogs love running outside and exploring, and this tends to get mud, dirt, and other debris stuck in their coat, tracking it into your home.

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When it is raining outside, a muddy field can look like a slice of heaven for a dog to stomp around in. Making sure that your furry friend has a raincoat on will not only keep them dry and warm, but it will help keep your home much cleaner as the waterproof material of the raincoat will prevent your dog from tracking in wet dirt and mud. This keeps your home much cleaner and safer since running after a dog experiencing the zoomies can be dangerous if the floor is wet and slippery.

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Final Thoughts

There are many reasons why veterinarians recommend that dogs wear raincoats. For some dogs, like short hair breeds, a raincoat can be simply about staying warm and dry. And for others, it can be to keep the mud from accumulating in the dog’s fur or simply just to look stylish and fashionable at the dog park.

Regardless of the reason that your veterinarian recommends that your dog wear a raincoat, make sure that it fits them snugly and that they are comfortable in it. And, of course, make sure that they are looking as cute as they can be!

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