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The Top 10 Gifts For Dog Lover Dads

Shopping for gifts for men can be challenging, but if he's a dog lover, you're in luck. Dog lovers are themselves, a special breed. In the United States alone, 69 million households own at least one dog! Dogs aren't like any other pet (sorry cat-people) - one statistic states that 94% of dog owners feel incredibly close to their dogs. So, when buying a gift for a dog lover dad, you will have plenty of choices.  

Here are some great gifts for the dog lover dad in your life. 

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1 RIFRUF Caesar 1 Dog Sneakers

Four black RIFRUF dog sneakers

The Caesar 1 designer dog sneaker is RIFRUF's answer to the dog shoe game. RIFRUF's mission is to enable your dog to look their best and live full, happy lives. This is clearly seen in the design and construction of these sneakers. They are made of the same high-quality materials as premium human sneakers, making them a 'real' set of sneakers.  

The Caesar 1 dog sneakers feature:

  • Trademarked RUFKNIT mesh upper allows air to circulate and protects their paws from debris.
  • Hook-and-loop straps to secure the sneakers to your dog's wrists.
  • 100% rubber midsole and outsoles to protect your dog's paws from rough terrain. 
  • Padded collar lining for a more comfortable but secure fit.   

The Caesar 1 is available in Black, Taro, Blush, Bone, and Birch.  

2 Dog DNA and Breed Testing Kit

Wisdom Panel Essential, New and Improved Dog DNA Test for Ancestry

Here is a way for your dog lover dad to find out more about their dog's ancestry. This kit accesses the world's largest dog DNA database and can analyze over 350 breeds, types, and varieties. Once your dog lover dad collects a swab of his dog's inner cheek and submits it for analysis in the prepaid mailer included in the kit, a report is created. The report contains a complete breed makeup and ancestors up to their dog's great-grandparents. 

It's important to know your dog's ancestry for potential complications during medical procedures. 

3 RIFRUF Caesar 1S Dog Sneakers

Four light blue and white RIFRUF dog sneakers

RIFRUF's Caesar 1S is the second version of their high-quality, trendy designer dog sneaker. These are made of the same premium materials as human sneakers. 

The Caesar 1S features:

  • 100% rubber midsole and outsole to protect your dog's paws from rough terrain. 
  • Trademarked mesh upper to allow ventilation for your dog's paws.
  • Hook-and-loop adjustable strap closures for a comfortable but firm fit.
  • Padded-collar lining holds them securely on your dog's wrist.
  • Gusset-tongue design keeps dirt and debris out. 

Each order contains four shoes. 

Are you looking for dog shoes from a company that loves your dog and knows they deserve the best? We provide high-quality products you’ll love. Check out RIFRUF today!

4 Hugo Roasters Coffee 

Hugo Coffee Ground Dog Daze Cold Brew Coffee

If your dog lover is also a coffee lover, they'll love Hugo Roasters Coffee. This cold brew brings the coffee shop experience to their home and campsites. The coffee consists of hand-selected and carefully chosen roasted beans to make top-quality cold brew. 

This company is committed to fair trade to ensure the health and happiness of everyone involved in the manufacturing of their product. The roasting is safe and sustainable, using less energy than traditional methods. Proceeds from the sale of every bag of Hugo Coffee supports dog rescue organizations. 

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5 K9 Sports Sack Rover 2 

K9 Sport Sack Rover 2 Dog Carrier Backpack

Here we have a backpack for carrying dogs for the more active dog lover dad. The large size is designed to comfortably carry dogs up to 80 lbs and 20 - 23 inches long, with a girth of up to 34 inches. The Rover 2 is also available in an extra-large size and an extra-extra-large size that can carry dogs up 29 inches long with a girth of up to 40 inches. 

This backpack may be used on long hikes, shopping, motorcycles, bikes, or in crowded subways. Your dog dad can use his imagination. 

This dog carrier can be helpful if your dog lover dad's dog is anxious, depressed, suffers from a physical disability, or is just getting older and slower. He can still take his dog with him on his adventures or just to the grocery store safely and comfortably for both of them. 

This carrier is designed for comfort and safety, featuring adjustable shoulder/torso sizing for the body type of your dog lover dad. This backpack can carry his gear when he's not carrying his dog. 

6 RIFRUF Essential Dog Hoodie

A small white dog wearing a black RIFRUF Essential Hoodie

RIFRUF has produced a high-quality dog hoodie. Your dog lover dad's dog can be stylish and warm at the same time with this hoodie. 

The Essential Dog Hoodie features:

  • 100% cotton fleece for warmth
  • High-quality vinyl printing
  • Drawstring-free to prevent choking and for a clean look
  • Leash slit for access to harness 

This hoodie is available in Jade (green with gold lettering) and Black (black with white lettering). And it's sized from XXS to XL.

7 "Dogfather" Whiskey Glass

The Dogfather Whiskey Glass For Dog Dads

This whisky glass is a great gift for the dog lover dad who enjoys the occasional whiskey. The lettering says, 'Dogfather,' is hand-etched, dishwasher-safe, and packed in a branded gift box. Each glass is 3.75 inches tall and has a heavy base. 

8 Furbo Barking Sensor Camera with Automatic Snack Dispenser 

Furbo Dog Camera

The Furbo camera has 4x zoom and night vision for seeing clearly day or night with a 1080p full HD 160-degree wide-angle. With it, your dog lover dad can remotely talk to his dog at home and calm him if he's anxious or over-excited. The dog dad can also hear his dog barking right back. From work, the dog dad can see and hear what's happening at home. This device also dispenses snacks for the dog.

9 Best Hikes with Dogs Guidebooks

Best Hikes with Dogs Southern California Book

This is another gift for the active dog lover dad, a guidebook of more than 80 great hikes to do with a dog. There are many dog-legal trails that offer beautiful scenery, few people, and are safe for dogs. The hikes mentioned range from 3-mile strolls to 33-mile treks. They just need to bring plenty of water and endurance. 

10 Automatic and Programmable Pet Feeder

PetSafe Digital Two Meal Dog

Your dog lover dad will love this gift, especially if he leads a busy life. This feeder will dispense the dog's food on time every time. It holds enough for two meals, up to 4 days in advance, in one-hour increments. The removable trays hold up to a cup and a half of dry or semi-moist food, snacks, or treats. The design is compact, sleek, and easy to clean.

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Final Thoughts

The above gift ideas should overjoy your dog lover dad. These gifts are well-designed and well-constructed items that will enhance his life and let him know he's loved. 

Are you looking for high-quality dog products? We love dogs and our products show it - check out our product line at RIFRUF today.  

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