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The Top 10 Best Dog-Friendly Hotels in NYC

Our furry friends need a little R ‘n R just like the rest of us. But where can you take them? Not everyone can appreciate the preciousness of your pug or the beauty of your bulldog or, yet, the cuteness of your Komondor. They just don’t see it- we know, it’s weird. Anyway, because not everyone gets how amazing dogs are, the number of dog-friendly hotels is limited. 

Additionally, when a hotel advertises that they are dog-friendly- ask yourself what that even means. Will they merely tolerate your four-footed best friend being in the building, or do they mean that your dog is a welcomed guest and they have created lovely amenities just for them? Hopefully, the latter.

Following are the top 10 best dog-friendly hotels in NYC.  

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The Kimpton Muse Hotel

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If you’re going to be in the Big Apple, consider staying at the Kimpton Muse Hotel in Midtown (west). The Kimpton Hotels don’t charge additional fees when your pet stays with you, and they don’t limit how many pets you can bring. You and your dog are treated like VIP guests from the moment you arrive. Your dog is greeted by name by the hotel staff. In your room, you will have ped beds, water bowls, food, and mats. Even the concierge will have lists of parks, pet-friendly restaurants, and groomers in the area. Additionally, the hotel provides poop bags for walking your dog and door hanger alerts to let staff (and other guests) know when your dog is in your room. 


Crosby Street Hotel

The Crosby Street Hotel in SoHo rolls out the red carpet for you and your dog. This 5-star, luxury location won’t charge you extra for your dog’s stay as long as they’re under 30 lbs, and if they’re well-behaved, they can stay alone in your hotel room. You don’t have to travel with your dog’s bowl, as they will happily provide one upon request. 

The Crosby Street Hotel is a trendy, warehouse-inspired boutique hotel surrounded by everything you might want to make your time in New York exciting, culturally expansive, and restful. Even if you opt to remain in the hotel for your entire stay, there is plenty to make it enjoyable with a 24-hour gym, private theatre, and many other luxurious amenities. 


The Roxy Hotel

No doubt you’ve heard of the Roxy Hotel in Tribeca. While you enjoy such treatment as a glass of Rose at check-in, your dog is afforded organic treats from Bocce’s Bakery, plush bedding, gourmet food, poop bags, and water bowls. They go the extra mile to make your pet feel as welcome as they have made you feel. The Roxy’s sister hotel, the Soho Grand (just a 5-minute walk away), welcomes the Roxy’s guests and will allow you to walk your dog in their private dog park, wonderfully equipped with benches, playtime-ready pups, and fire hydrant water stations.   

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The James New York

If you’re going to the SoHo area, consider staying at the James. When they know you’re bringing your dog with you, they provide luxury like you wouldn’t believe - a comfortable doggie bed, organic treats, leash, collar, toys, water bowls, and even pet menus. All of this is in addition to Shinola Detroit handcrafted products and a map to local dog parks. One other outstanding amenity of this hotel is they offer doggie daycare, pet sitters, and dog walkers if you want to get out to a few events without your dog.   

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The Benjamin Hotel

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The Benjamin Hotel in Midtown East will allow you to bring up to two pets with you on your stay for $60. A portion of the fee you pay is donated to the Animal League, a no-kill animal shelter. Items like dog bowls and beds can be supplied upon request. 


Hotel Eventi 

The Hotel Eventi will make you and your dog feel like true VIPs. They happily supply amenities like a leash, dog bed, food bowls, and poop bags for when you go out for walks. They also understand that you may want to get out on your own at some point during your trip, so they provide grooming services, dog walkers, and pet sitting upon request. Best of all, they give signature doggy acupuncture and massage sessions to relieve stress and discomfort for your dog.  


SoHo Grand Hotel

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As already mentioned, the SoHo Grand is the sister hotel of The Roxy. You will love how well your dog is treated and provided for at this hotel. There is no fee, but you get to stay in a room on one of their specially pet-dedicated floors. These dedicated rooms have a supply of bedding, food, water, and organic snacks from Bocce’s Bakery. This hotel also features its own private dog park with creative urban landscaping designed by Rebecca Cole. You can also enjoy the 24-hour gym and other nearby hot spots. 

Loews Regency Hotel

The luxurious Loews Regency Hotel on Park Avenue is a great place to bring your dog. You won’t have to bring along your dog’s bed or toys, and if you are also bringing your cat, there are scratching posts and travel-sized litter boxes. There are in-room pet menus featuring foods made by chefs and licensed vets. And when you’re ready to take your pooch for a walk, Central Park is just a couple of blocks away.   

Dream Downtown

The Dream Downtown is a dream if you’re looking for somewhere to stay with your pet. They charge a fee of $99 for pets under 25 lbs. The gorgeous loft-style, pet-friendly rooms feature large porthole windows and blackout blinds. Depending on how much space your pet needs, the rooms vary from standard-sized rooms to having a two-story duplex penthouse they call a guest house with a spacious garden terrace. The Dream also features the only sand beach in Manhattan. 

10  Hyatt House New York 

The Hyatt House in Chelsea is much loved for many reasons, including - its great location, range of amenities, and because they are pet-friendly. You can check in there with up to two dogs for up to six nights. The pet fee is only $75, and for more extended stays, there is also a cleaning fee. You can view the Empire State Building, the World Trade Center, and many other city landmarks from their renowned rooftop terrace. There is also a 24-hour gym and business center for your convenience.

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Final Points to Consider

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Spending time in a city like New York is already exciting but add to it that you can bring your four-footed best friend with you - it’s even better! Some of the above hotels are high-end and may not suit every budget, but do a little research to see what other hotels will welcome your dog and provide a few choice amenities. 

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