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How Do You Keep Your Dog Cool In The Summer

Summer days are great days! The bright sun, clear skies, and long days make you want to get out and be more active. Of course, if you're eager to get out and do things, you'll also want to take your dog. But the sun and heat are only healthy for your dog in small doses. Just like you protect yourself, don't forget to protect your dog from the heat and keep them cool. 

It's easy to get distracted by all the fun and not realize how long your dog has been outdoors or how long it's been since you last gave them water. Dogs are at risk of overheating in the summer, especially on long walks. 

Read on to discover ways to keep your dog cool in the summer. 

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How Can I Keep My Dog Cool in The Summer?

You don't have to leave your faithful friend at home when you go out on your summer adventures. They love to hang with you, and as long as you follow a few precautions and stay vigilant, your dog will be safe in the summer. Here are tips to keep your dog cool and safe this summer. 

Leverage The Right Doggy Gear

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While more and more people are putting apparel on their dogs, many forget their dog's paws. Your dog's paws are vulnerable to rough terrain, hot sidewalks, ice and snow, and objects on the ground

When considering outdoor activities, don't forget to get your dog a high-quality set of dog boots. You should know that even on a pleasant 77 F (25 C) summer day, the pavement can reach temperatures of 125 F (52 C)! If the outside temperature reaches 87 F (31 C), the pavement can reach 143 F (62 C). This means that your dog's paws will be in trouble long before you realize it. And while it may take an egg 5 minutes to fry on a hot sidewalk, your dog's paws can burn in one minute. 

There are other brands on the market, but none are made like RIFRUF's authentic dog sneakers. They're made with the same materials as premium human sneakers and produced by similar processes. These 100% cruelty-free sneakers also have 100% rubber midsole and outsoles, mesh uppers for max breathability, padded-collar lining for better fit, and hook and loop adjustable strap enclosures. RIFRUF's sneakers will protect your dog's paws in style.  

While you're gearing your dog up for the summer, add a cooling collar or vest to your shopping cart—these work by pulling excess heat away from your dog's bloodstream and cooling their entire body. The areas to cool on a dog are their neck and chest, so these work well to prevent overheating in your dog. 

Make Sure They Always Have Plenty of Fresh, Cool Water

Your dog needs plenty of fresh, cool water all year round, but especially during the summer. Before you go out for a walk, fill and freeze a dog bowl. Then, when you're out, you can pour water into the frozen bowl, which will cool the water you've poured while the ice slowly melts at the bottom.  

Make sure you have enough water to last your whole time out. You can also take frozen doggie treats to ensure they're adequately hydrated.  

Know When to Exercise and Avoid The Midday Heat

Obviously, you can't hide from the heat the whole summer. It's safe for your dog to be active outdoors during overcast days with low humidity. It's best to avoid midday outings when the outdoor temperature is 80 F, with high humidity. Ideally, cooler early mornings or evenings are best for exercise.  

Remember that the pavement temperature may be dangerously higher than you realize, even on' comfortable' days. To test, put your hand (palms down) onto the pavement. If the sidewalk is too hot to hold your hand there, it's too hot for your dog's paws. 

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Never Leave Them in The Car

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It seems like this doesn't need to be said, but we hear of tragedy all the time on the news where dogs perish after being left in a hot car. So, please never leave your dog in a parked car - even if the windows are cracked! Even on a mild day, temperatures can rise quickly inside a car, reaching up to 172 F.  

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Watch Out for Signs of Overheating and Heatstroke

The dangers of overheating or having a heatstroke are real for your dog. So, when you have them outdoors in the summer, please pay attention to their behavior and body language

Here are the signs of heatstroke in your dog:

  • Obvious discomfort
  • Excessive panting or salivating
  • Disorientation
  • Vomiting and diarrhea
  • Seizures

Also, if your dog suddenly holds back on a walk or run, it's time to take a break. 

If you notice any of those signs, quickly get your dog to a cool place and contact your vet. 

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Make Them Cool Treats 

Show your dog how much you love them by making cool treats. You can freeze ice cubes with yummy treats inside for them, or you may fill, then freeze, a favorite chew toy. These can help your dog stay cool from the inside out.  

Give Them Ice Packs, Wet Towels, Cooling Mats, and Water to Play In

Invest in items that will maximize your dog's comfort in the heat. Ice packs, cooling mats, or even a wet towel will help lower their body temperature. You can wrap ice packs in a blanket for your dog's bed so they can feel comfortable. Also, cooling mats can be filled with cool water, cooling gel, or ice packs you can freeze at night. Or you can drench towels in cool water and drape them over your dog.  

Final Thoughts

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Summer days can be fun for your dog if you remember to take a few precautions beforehand. Know the signs of heatstroke, so you can rescue your dog if they get into trouble. And remember how hot the pavement can get on a summer day. Carefully consider the times of day you take your dog out for exercise and invest in items to keep them cool at home. 

Do you take your dog out in extreme weather? Our dog sneakers will protect their paws and make them look stylish at the same time. Visit RIFRUF to learn more. 

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