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10 Best Dog Parks in Los Angeles

What could be nicer than being out on a fantastic day, in great surroundings, with your best friend - your dog? Nothing, right? Finding a place to walk, run, play, and socialize with your dog that you both really enjoy is just the best! Maybe where you go right now isn't so amazing, and you dread being there.


Fear not; we have found the ten best dog parks in Los Angeles! So, take your dog and enjoy the great outdoors at these fabulous locations.

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Tips for Choosing the Right Dog Park

Adult Lakeland Terrier at a park

How do you choose the right dog park? Here are a few qualities to look for when considering a dog park. 

  • Separate play areas for big and small dogs. Ideally, small and large dogs should have different play areas where they can socialize freely. Smaller dogs can be intimidated by bigger dogs, and big dogs need the space to run off some of their energy. Both areas should have similar equipment and amenities, so everyone has what they need.
  • Safe enclosures. One of the main reasons you choose a dog park is your dog's safety while there. So, there should be secure enclosures tall enough that your dog can't jump over, with small enough gaps that a little dog can't crawl through. 
  • Agility challenges. Your park should have play equipment that challenges your dog in ways you can't do at home. Dog teeter-totter for balance, agility courses, and hoop jumps can all be great fun for your dog and get you moving as well. 
  • Comfortable ground surfaces. Your dog's paws are tough, but they aren't indestructible. The ground surfaces in the dog park you use should be hygienic and soft enough for your dog's paws. While natural grass is the usual surface, it's susceptible to dogs digging holes. Many parks now have synthetic turf. It is durable and easy to keep clean. 
  • Amenities just for you. A great dog park will have amenities for the dog's human companions as well, like plenty of trash bins for depositing dog waste and trash, benches, and leash posts are all good things to include. If the park isn't near other amenities, there should be a bathroom for dog owners.

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The Top Dog Parks in Los Angeles 

Here are the top dog parks in Los Angeles: 

1. Lake Hollywood Park

3160 Canyon Lake Drive, Los Angeles, CA

Lake Hollywood Park in Los Angeles

Image Source: LA Parks

Lake Hollywood Park is a great all-around park for the whole family. It has a children's play area, barbecue pits, picnic tables, and an incredible view of the Hollywood sign. The dog park portion is large and grassy, but dogs must remain on-leash. There is plenty of parking with beautiful views, although the area can become crowded with tourists. 

This park is also on the edge of Griffith Park, which has amazing hikes.

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2. South Park Doggie Adventureland

147 W 24th Street, Los Angeles, CA

South Park Doggie Adventureland in Los Angeles

Image Source: South Park Doggieland

The South Park Doggieland LA is the world's first dog resort and theme park. It offers overnight boarding, doggie daycare, obedience training, and physical and mental enrichment activities. The facility (indoors and outdoors) stretches to over 30,000 square feet of play areas. Your dog can socialize here, enjoy one of several classes, trainings, and even swimming competitions. Your dog can enjoy these facilities with you or alone. 

Alt-Text: Black and white dog happily running at a dog park.

3. Arts District Dog Park

1004 East 4th Street, Los Angeles, CA

Arts District Dog Park

Image Source: Yelp

The Arts District Dog Park is a private, non-profit dog park run by community volunteers. There is a dog water fountain, shady trees, benches, and a separate area for small dogs. Their only rules are that visitors should be respectful to the volunteers, you have to pick up your dog's poop, watch your dog, and aggressive dogs or owners will be asked to leave. The ground at the park consists of decomposed granite. 

Also, visiting dogs should be at least four months old, with up-to-date licenses and vaccines.

4. The Boneyard

Duquesne Ave. and Jefferson Blvd., Culver City, CA

The Bone Yard Dog Park In Cluver City

Image Source: Yelp

The Boneyard is an off-leash dog park located within a larger park. It features separate play areas for small and large dogs, benches, a water fountain, and a dusty gravel lot. This dog park is a little over an acre of decomposed granite. Visiting dogs must be vaccinated, licensed, and over four months old. 

5. West Hollywood Park

647 North San Vicente Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA

Dog sitting down in West Hollywood Dog Park

Image Source: Yelp

The West Hollywood Park has two separate play areas, one for large dogs and one for little dogs. There is seating, water fountains, trees for shade, poop bags, and trash cans. The library validates parking. 

6. Bluff Creek Dog Park

12604 Bluff Creek Drive, Los Angeles, CA

A group of dogs playing at Bluff Creek Dog Park

Image Source: Yelp

The Bluff Creek Dog Park is located in the Playa Vista neighborhood. This park contains a central stream and is covered in pet turf rather than wood chips. They also have rolling hills for your energetic dog to enjoy. 

7. Hermon Dog Park

5566 Via Marisol, Los Angeles, CA

Office workers taking pictures with their dogs at the Hermon dog park

Image Source: Yelp 

In the Arroyo Seco Dog Park, Hermon Park has two play areas - one for large dogs and another for small, disabled, or elderly dogs. There are loads of trees for shade, water dispensers for dogs, and benches for you to sit. The ground is covered in decomposed granite, which makes cleaning up easier. The dog park hosts dog-friendly and family-friendly events regularly.  

8. Runyon Canyon Park

2000 North Fuller Avenue, Los Angeles, CA

2 small dogs at the top of Runyon Park

Image Source: Yelp

The Runyon Canyon Park offers family hiking and walking trails near the dog park. Large dogs and small dogs have separate play areas. Visitors are not allowed to bring food, treats, alcohol, or glass bottles inside the park. Aggressive dogs (or their owners) will be asked to leave. Like most parks, dogs must be at least four months old with their license and vaccinations up-to-date.   

9. Griffith Park Dog Park

North End of the John Ferraro Soccer Field on N. Zoo Dr., Los Angeles, CA

2 dogs laying down at Griffith Park Dog Park

Image Source: Yelp

The Griffith Park Dog Park is 1.6 acres and features separate play areas for small and large dogs, picnic tables, and shaded seating areas. And because it is near Griffith Park, the whole family can enjoy a great day at all the family-friendly attractions. 

10. Sepulveda Basin Off-Leash Dog Park

17550 Victory Blvd., Encino, CA

2 dogs playing at Sepulveda Basin Off Leash Dog Park

Image Source: Yelp

This 6.5-acre dog park offers separate runs for big dogs and little ones - two for small dogs and one for big dogs. There are plenty of benches and chairs, as well as trees for shade

There may be as many as 1.6 million dogs in Los Angeles County alone. Fortunately, there are plenty of dog parks around to suit every need. Enjoy. 

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