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"I copped!"

The words spoken from true sneakerheads when they get their hands on, or secure their purchase of, a coveted and highly sought after pair of sneakers. Typically these sneakers are extremely rare due to being produced in limited quantities, colors and sizes, which makes the "copping" of the shoe so unobtainable that anyone who can get their hands on it an instant winner. Ever seen sneakers with astronomically high prices on StockX or GOAT? Yeah, those. Cop one of those babies and you're automatically introduced into the sneakerhead club.

So what does this have to do with RIFRUF dog sneakers, you ask? Let me ask you this: have you ever wondered how a dog would pronounce "I copped?" Probably not - but we have! Here's what we think it would sound like:

"RIF... RUF!"

Yeah super surprising huh! 😂 

Well that's how we got the name for RIFRUF. It's not really rocket science, but a bulb in the head kind of idea. What if dogs were sneakerheads? How would a dog who just got a pair of dog sneakers, dog shoes, or dog boots exclaim excitement? Other than tail wagging, we think that's how they would say it. Hence the name for RIFRUF was born.

Doodle dog shoes

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Stay tuned part 3: in-depth details of our dog shoe, the CAESAR 1.

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