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The RIFRUF Story, Part 1: Queens, New York

As we get closer and closer to the launch of RIFRUF®, we wanted to make sure we took the necessary time the brand rightfully deserves in documenting its humble beginnings. This post is a part 1 in a series of our company's story, starting with our origin and where we were founded.

As you have probably noticed, our company contains Queens in its name. It's not just because we couldn't land the domain name for rifruf dot com (side note: why would anyone else take this name??), but we hold our beloved borough of New York in high regard. While Jeremy and I are both originally from Dallas, Queens is where we established ourselves and where we call home. It's a mini-mecca that is close enough to the city of big dreams by way of a subway ride and is home to a diverse set of cultures, which is something we truly value as a minority-owned business.

Queens dog shoes

What's even more important though is that Queens is (in my opinion) the best borough in New York for dogs. Areas like Long Island City have an average age in the low-30's, which is prime time for dog adoption (see our other article that covers this topic: The Humanization of Dogs). With a relatively more spacious landscape than say, Manhattan, as a dog owner you can be guaranteed to walk by plenty of dogs per block. Your pup has a higher chance of getting the socializing he or she needs on a daily basis in Queens, not to mention has a lower chance of getting stressed out from walking on a busy street in the city.

Dog shoe map

Additionally, there's plenty of dog parks! Depending on where you stand, you can be in the vicinity of 4 dog parks within a 3 mile radius. The Dog Park of Gantry Plaza State Park is my personal favorite as it has separate parks for large and small dogs and has amazing views of New York City across the water (not pictured here). The only downside is that its terrain is concrete, which has a higher chance of tearing up your dog's paws. But hey, that's what RIFRUF® dog shoes and dog sneakers are for, right? :)

Dog shoe park

Taking a step back, though, the picture for RIFRUF® is bigger than just Queens, or even New York. After experiencing a true four seasons in New York, we realized that just like humans, dogs need more than just what they were born with to withstand the most extreme conditions (more on this can be found in our other blog post, "10 Reasons to Wear Dog Shoes"). The four seasons of New York gave us inspiration to create dog shoes, dog sneakers, and dog boots that look great but provide the functionality needed to protect dog paws from the toughest elements (e.g., hot pavement, icy roads).

Stay tuned for parts 2 and 3: the meaning behind our name and in-depth details of our upcoming dog shoe, the CAESAR 1.

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