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The Best Gifts For Dog Moms

Your relationship with your dog is more than owner/ownee - you're family. Most people with dogs feel close to them and see themselves more as providers, protectors, and companions to their dogs - hence the term 'dog parents.' Some people even use their experience with their dog to prepare them for parenthood. So, if you have a dog mom in your life, what better gift to give them than one that emphasizes their mom role?

Here are some of the best gifts for dog moms. 

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RIFRUF Caesar 1S Dog Sneakers

Red, white, and black dog sneakers by RIFRUF

If you love to see your pooch looking just as well-dressed as you, you'll love these dog sneakers by RIFRUF - Caesar 1S. These stylish sneakers are made of the same materials as human sneakers; durable mesh uppers provide maximum breathability and protection for their paws. The midsole and outsoles are made with 100% rubber to protect your dog's paws from rough surfaces. An adjustable hook and loop strap closure ensures the sneakers hold securely for your long walks. This sneaker is dewclaw-friendly because the upper fully encloses your dog’s paw.  

RIFRUF also offers the Caesar 1 designer dog sneaker. Just as stylish and well-crafted as the Caesar 1S, these are available in Black, Taro, Blush, Bone, and Birch.  

Do dogs even need shoes? The short answer is 'yes,' and the longer answer is 'absolutely, yes!' Your dog's tender paws encounter all kinds of terrain and weather conditions in the course of their lives. Without protection, they're vulnerable to cuts and punctures, infections, frostbite in the winter, and burns in the summer, to name just a few. So, if you're going to protect their paws anyway, why not put them in these super-cute sneakers.   

RIFRUF Essential Dog Hoodie

For the fashionable dog mom in your life, the RIFRUF Essential Hoodie will be a hit. Her dog can be warm and stylish at the same time for those chilly walks. This hoodie is attention-getting when worn by itself, but if you add to this dog's ensemble the RIFRUF designer dog sneakers, they'll look amazing. 

The Essential Dog Hoodie is:

  • Drawstring-free to prevent choking
  • Made of 100% cotton fleece
  • It has a leash slit for easy access
  • Has high-quality vinyl printing 

Matching Sweater for Pet Mom and Dog

Wild One Matching Sweater

Source: Dog Threads

Here's a great gift that will show how much she loves her pup and identifies as his mom - matching sweaters. This leopard print sweater by Wild One is a forever favorite. Your dog mom will enjoy day-to-day twinning or save it for a special occasion. 

This premium quality sweater, ethically made of cotton and acrylic blend, is a slim fit crew neck for the dog mom and is specially cut for the dog to avoid doggie messes.    

I Love My Mom Hoodie for Puppies and Small Dogs

DroolingDog Dog Hoodie Pet Sweater

Drooling Dog's super-cute 'I Love My Mom' dog hoodie is for smaller dogs like Chihuahuas, Yorkshire Terriers, or Pomeranians. This hoodie is a soft pullover with embroidered lettering for easy dressing and even easier care. It's an excellent gift for photo ops and lovely walks together - sure to turn heads. 

"The Dharma of Dogs" Dog Spirituality Book 

The Dharma of Dogs book

The Dharma of Dogs is a great book for the mystics among you. Could your dog be in your life as a spiritual teacher and not just your pet? This book explores the possibility that your canine friend may have wisdom to share with you. It comprises the reflections of spiritual teachers and writers who have found that their dogs brought light into their lives. These essays provide humor, inspiration, solace, and insight into life lessons taught by your dog. Themes include connecting with nature, unconditional love, facing fears, and much more. 

Your spiritually-aware dog mom will cherish this book. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book is donated to the National Mill Dog Rescue.

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Are you looking for high-quality sneakers for your dog? We've got them! We'll show you how to size their paws and even how to train them to wear them. Visit RIFRUF to learn more. 

Matching Dog Collar and Bracelet

Matching Dog Collar Heart & Owner Friendship Bracelet

For the more colorful dog mom, consider giving them this matching dog collar and bracelet by Pettsie. The collar has a unique, vibrant pattern, sized to fit small and medium-sized dogs. The collar is made of durable hemp and canvas for long-lasting wear, and the dog mom's bracelet is made of soft cotton. This gift even comes in an attractive, eco-friendly gift box. She'll love it! 

1,000-piece Jigsaw Puzzle of Dog Breeds

Mudpuppy Hot Dogs A-Z Puzzle

Do you know a dog mom who also loves puzzles? Here is a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle called Hot Dogs A-Z, depicting 26 dog breeds. The completed puzzle measures 20 inches by 27 inches. The dog mom in your life will enjoy finding the hidden dog treats as well. The puzzle comes in a sturdy storage box.  

Dog-Themed Wine Glass Drink Markers

Genuine Fred WINER DOGS Dachshund

How about some wine glass markers for the dog mom? These markers will be a hit with every dog lover who enjoys wine with her. These magnetic glass markers can be used on all kinds of glasses, including coffee mugs. They can be attached securely to glass or ceramic up to 5 mm thick. Your dog mom and her guests can each choose a dog and keep using their magnetic charm for any beverage they choose for the whole evening—no chance of drinking someone else's drink. 

The charms are handcrafted in the United States. 

Wisdom Panel Canine DNA Test Kits

Dog DNA Test Kit for Breed and Ancestry Information

For the curious dog mom, consider giving her this breed identification DNA test kit. She will only need to take a cheek swab from her dog, and the test will analyze it for over 350 dog breeds, types, and varieties. The kit contains pre-paid shipping material to send the sample to the lab. And in due time, your friend, the dog mom, will receive a genetic analysis of her beloved pet. 

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We hope you've gotten lots of ideas of gifts to give to the dog mom in your life. Undoubtedly, her dog is a huge part of her life, and incorporating them into her gift is a great way to acknowledge that relationship. Happy shopping!

Are you looking for high-quality gifts for the dog-lover in your life? Check out our products at RIFRUF today! 

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