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10 Best Dog Parks In New York

Taking your dog out for a regular walk in the park is one of the most relaxing things you can do. When you think about it, our pets take care of us as much as we take care of them!

Certain dog parks are better than others, depending on your routine, lifestyle, and the breed you own. If you go to a dog park that’s too small, it can be hard to play fetch. If you go to a dog park with too many dogs, the experience could be stressful for unsocialized pets

What are the 10 best dog parks in New York? Keep reading to find out!

All the Dog Walking Basics

Did you know that at least 23% of dog owners leave their pets alone for at least five hours or more daily? While this may be alright for older dogs, this habit isn’t great for most younger pets.

Walking a dog for at least 20 to 30 minutes a day is essential. The duration and frequency depend on the breed, age, and health. Younger dogs have more energy and will need more attention than their elderly counterparts. If you’re not sure how to incorporate dog walks into your regimen, try to sync them with your lifestyle.

Do you like fresh air before getting to work? Take your dog with you! On the other hand, you can save dog walks for evenings if you have an all-day schedule. 

No matter when you decide to take your best buddy for a walk, remember to always bring along the essentials; waste bags, water, treats, and inclement weather gear like shoes to protect their paws from extreme temperatures in the winter and summer. While it’s important to make sure they get enough exercise during the day, it's just as essential to make sure they stay safe and healthy at the same time.

Dogs deserve the same quality of life we do. We established our brand to provide comfortable dog accessories to protect your pets from hot asphalt, glass, or salted ice.

The 10 Best Dog Parks in New York

New York is simply bursting with amazing dog parks. The park that’ll suit you and your pet best depends on your schedule, lifestyle, and breed.

Tompkins Square Dog Run 

Tompkins Square Dog Run

Image Source: Tompkins Square Dog Run 

This dog park has a lot of seniority to its name! First established in 1990, this beautiful location is filled with playtime accessories.

The sandy texture of this park will be gentle on your dog’s feet, so no worries about hot asphalt here! Enjoy picnic tables, wading pools, and a ton of room to run around. If you have a smaller dog, there are separate enclosures to avoid accidents. Big dogs don’t always know their strength, after all.

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Tribeca Dog Run at Pier 26

Tribeca Dog Run at Pier 26

Image Source: Yelp

Hop on over to Hudson River Park to visit Tribeca Dog Run. Like Tompkins Square, this dog park also has separate enclosures for different dog sizes. 

This is the ideal dog park for summer, thanks to the wading pools and sprinklers. If you have a dog breed with a particularly thick coat, this park will be a huge relief. You’ll also have a plethora of large rocks for your dogs to climb on. 

Madison Square Park Dog Run

Madison Square Park Dog Run

Image Source: Yelp

This dog park is usually one of the first people think of when visiting New York. The tall trees provide hours of shade and a stunning view. 

Are you interested in socializing and getting to know other dog owners? Madison Square Park sees regular activity every day of the week. This Dog Run has members-only events, like photo contests and Jemmy’s Dog Run. Introverts will find this place a little too much, but extroverts should check it out!

Prospect Park Dog Run 

Prospect Park Dog Run Brooklyn New York

Image Source: Yelp

Extroverted dog owners will love Madison Square Park Dog Run. But for introverted dog owners, Prospect Park Dog Run is a match made in heaven.

This dog park is simple and spacious, offering a massive space for your dog to run, play, and explore. Enjoy some time beneath the trees, or take your pet to the little sand beach. There’s also a small lake nearby for your dog to cool off during the spring and summer months.

Hillside Dog Park 

Hillside Dog Park Brooklyn New York

Image Source: Yelp

This dog park is exactly what it says on the tin. This park is fenced in and filled with hills, designed to get your dog exploring.

Active and curious breeds will adore this dog park with its upturned roots and rolling hills. If you’re worried about your dog overheating, take them to the little dog pool to cool down.

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Brooklyn Bridge Park 

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Image Source: Yelp

This dog park is another shoo-in for popular New York destinations. The Brooklyn Bridge Park is located close to the iconic Brooklyn Bridge, for better and for worse.

This park is lovely, having very little dirt to get your dog dirty. Dog owners with a clean streak will love this place, but sensitive dogs should be taken elsewhere. The proximity to the bridge means traffic is quite noisy.

Sirius Dog Run 

Sirius Dog Run Park

Image Source: Yelp

This dog park was dedicated to a Port Authority canine that tragically lost his life on September 11th. The goal of this fantastic dog park is to provide our beloved companions with a place to play and enjoy life.

This park has smooth hills, space, and a little pool to splash in. All you could want in one spot!

Dyker Beach Park

Dyker Beach Park New York

Image Source: NY Parks

Do you have a giant dog breed? How about several dogs? Dyker Beach Park is absolutely enormous, split into two separate sections for different dog sizes.

Water fountains are plentiful, so you’ll never worry about your dog getting dehydrated as they run and socialize.

Chelsea Waterside Dog Park 

Chelsea Waterside Dog Park

Image Source: Yelp

We’re not done with huge dog parks yet! The Chelsea Waterside Dog Park is over 3,000 square feet of natural goodness.

Your dog will have a lot of opportunities to exercise with dog-specific climbing structures.

Pelham Bay Dog Park

Pelham Bay Dog Park

Image Source: Yelp

Last but not least, this dog park in the Bronx is enormous and filled with trails. If you’re a loving dog owner who likes to go on regular jogs, you must visit this one.

Don’t worry about cleanliness, either! This dog park is regularly kept tidy.

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