Smiling Woman with Dog on Sofa

Top Dog Adoption Tips

Few things can compare to the happiness a dog brings into your life. They love you unconditionally, their companionship can reduce anxiety and soci...

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A side view photo of a Dalmatian puppy

Why Is My Puppy Limping?

Puppies provide some of the greatest joys life has to offer. They’re playful, goofy, and filled with life. Sadly, their beautiful energy is bound t...

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a woman laying down with her smal brown dog

The Best Gifts For Dog Moms

Your relationship with your dog is more than owner/ownee - you're family. Most people with dogs feel close to them and see themselves more as provi...

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Dog shoe training day 1


We introduce to you our RIFRUF CLASSROOM: an educational series showcasing how to train your dogs to accept and wear dog shoes, dog boots, or dog s...

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