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Welcome to our RIFRUF PACK stories. RIFRUFPACK stories are meant to highlight the lifestyles of and relationships between dogs and their owners. Whether it's about your dog's personality, sense of style, or how he or she came into your life, RIFRUFPACK stories are here to capture your dog's life every step of the way. RIFRUF® is more than just dog shoes -- it's about the dog behind the shoes. Our dogs are our family, and we want to make sure we represent them the way they deserve to be represented. Welcome to the RIFRUFPACK.

French bulldog dog shoes

For our first RIFRUFPACK story, we'll cover our beloved Chief Dog Officer, Caesar, and his parents Celine and Peter. Caesar is a two year old French Bulldog, dog sneaker enthusiast and collector, and dog streetwear connoisseur. Caesar, Celine, and Peter live in Queens, New York.

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Describe Caesar's style.

Celine: He's all about his upscale and refined dog streetwear. Caesar has exquisite taste (he even eats kale to preserve his muscular figure). He's also pragmatic though. You'll see him go bare most days because he can get pretty hot. So we keep the walkgear pretty practical. A front clip harness always does the trick. But sometimes he just needs to flex, especially when it's cold. We can't wait for sweater weather and to put some dog shoes and dog boots on him.

Peter: What she said. And he's a sneakerhead.

What is Caesar's personality like?

Celine: It's hard to say, he's just such a character sometimes. He's like a walking meme. He can be goofy and very affectionate. But sometimes he can be a really bossy dog. And he'll have a fit if he doesn't get what he wants.

Peter: Yeah he can definitely bring the sass. Is it weird that I have a guilty pleasure watching him throw a fit? He just does this hilariously weird dance and makes funny French Bulldog noises. He's also a straight up couch potato. Super independent too -- he definitely needs his alone time once in a while. I don't know his Meyer Briggs, unfortunately.

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What is your favorite thing to do with Caesar?

Celine: Taking him out to different places in the city together, whether it's a park or coffee shop. We love showing off his dog outfits!

Peter: I love watching him run! He may not look like it, but he's a sprinter. Taking him to the dog park and watching him chase or get chased by other dogs always brightens up my day. I live vicariously through him. Now he just needs a pair of Nike dog shoes.

What's been the most noticeable change in your life since having Caesar?

Celine: I feel less anxious with him because there's something else more vulnerable than I am that I'm responsible for.

Peter: Wow, that was deep. I was just going to say that I've definitely gone outside WAY more than I have before. But along the same lines, it really is a privilege to raise him. We're really fortunate to have such a funny, kind, loving dog, and I think by having him I understand what it really means to raise your own family.

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Why the name 'Caesar'?

Celine: I picked a regal name for my family dog and I wanted to continue that trend with my own, and he just looked like a Caesar honestly.

Peter: We literally went through hundreds of names before deciding on Caesar. The moment we read the name out loud, we looked at each other and we knew it just clicked. Caesar was a bold ruler in history and we figured it would be the same once we brought our own Caesar in to the house - our lives revolve around him. :)

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(Note: RIFRUF's first dog shoe, the CAESAR 1, is based off of Caesar here and the dog shoe is debuting in early 2021. Make sure to subscribe to for a chance to win a free set of dog sneakers!)

If you liked reading this post and would be interested in having your pup be featured in the RIFRUFPACK Stories, send us a message at and tell us about you and your canine companion!

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Interested in the new Caesar 1S in purple for my Boston Terrier. How can I get a pair for her? She is a therapy animal & they would be great for her.

Vicky Hacker

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