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RIFRUF in the press

We said this in our other post too, but my oh my it has been a crazy month and a half since our launch. Thanks again to all of our RIFRUF pack: those who have been with us since we first started what seemed to be a crazy idea in launching dog shoes, to those of you who are new and just learning about our dog sneakers. Welcome to the pack!

We wanted to dedicate this post to not only our RIFRUF pack, however, but to our press sponsors as well. We are proud to point out that we've been mentioned in various news articles, and we want to make sure you have a place to see our growth over the (coming) years:


HYPEBEAST: RIFRUF Introduces Vet-Endorsed Design-Driven Dog Sneakers


designboom: NYC-based brand rifruf introduces vet-endorsed, design-driven dog shoes

Rover (Best dog boots article)


Yahoo UK: New York Dog Lovers Unveil Vet-Endorsed Designer Dog Sneakers

Gizmodo JP

Hypebeast dog shoes dog boots and dog sneakers

Again, special thanks to the news media outlets who have gotten us to this point so far. You guys are the best!

This post was brought to you by RIFRUF: the first design-driven dog shoe brand. If you liked this post or video, or are interested in our dog shoes or dog sneakers, be sure to subscribe and follow our social links below!

Official website: www.rifrufqueens.com

SHOP Caesar 1: https://rifrufqueens.com/products/caesar-1




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