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Fourth Of July Tips For Dog Owners

It’s common for non-dog people to project hopes and fears onto dogs. They can think a dog is dangerous when they’re actually peaceful. Likewise, they can consider a dog approachable when they’re not.

The Fourth Of July is an excellent example of how we can see what isn’t there. Today, many people associate this holiday with fun, excitement, and great food. Sadly, dogs often associate this holiday with loud noises and strange behavior. Once we look at life through their eyes, many things fall into place.

This holiday is often very stressful for dogs. How can you both have a good time? Below are our top Fourth Of July tips for dog owners. 

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How to Recognize a Terrified Dog 

Part of being a responsible dog owner is recognizing their emotions, triggers, and desires. When your dog is terrified, you have to respond quickly and efficiently.

Your dog is an incredibly visual creature. These animals communicate both with their body and their vocals to share what they’re feeling. A terrified dog will show you what they think with the following actions.

  • Shaking visibly
  • Growling
  • Whining
  • Pinning their ears back 
  • Pushing their tail between their legs
  • Running away
  • Hiding
  • Acting irritably

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Stay Indoors or Go on a Trip 

A woman holding a scared dog

You’ll likely know whether or not your dog can handle a Fourth Of July trip. As the saying goes: past behavior is a great predictor of future behavior.

Have the past few attempts at a Fourth Of July trip gone horribly wrong? Consider spending your holiday indoors. You can still view the fireworks from your television or a live stream. If you have a decent view, you might even glimpse the fireworks from home. 

If you’re confident you can work with your dog, take them on a trip with the following suggestions. 

What Medications Can I Give My Dog to Calm Them During Fireworks? 

Medication is a reliable method of soothing your dog during fireworks. These tools are able to calm their nerves without making them downright sleepy. 

We can’t stress enough the need to consult your vet before giving them medication. Dogs are highly sensitive to many everyday ingredients, so you don’t want to indirectly poison your pet. A few ingredients used to soothe a dog’s nerves for the Fourth Of July include:

  • CBD for dogs (also called cannabidiol)
  • Benadryl
  • Melatonin

After you consult your vet for the right medication and dosage, do a practice run beforehand. You want to know exactly how your dog will relax before the big day!

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A Comforting Pressure Wrap or Vest

Do you ever feel comforted wrapping yourself in a soft blanket or a warm towel? Dogs feel very much the same, hence the benefits of a pressure wrap. 

Pressure wraps for dogs are a simple yet effective tool to calm your dog down. The pressure gives them the feeling of being comforted, which improves their mood significantly. If your dog gets cold easily, this pressure wrap doubles as a coat. Win-win!

Make a “Safe Place” For Your Dog in Your Home 

Dogs are creatures who live by association. If they feel a place is unsafe for any reason, it’s hard to jog them out of it. 

As a dog owner, you want your pet to feel safe in your home. We highly recommend you create a safe place for your dog in the house. These spaces should be calm, clean, and have consistent behavior. If these spaces have a lot of random activity (like a gym or get-together space), your dog will feel unstable. 

A safe place in your home during the Fourth Of July will have your dog instinctively relaxing.

Keep Your Dog Indoors During Fireworks Displays 

Sometimes there’s just nothing you can do about how your dog reacts to fireworks. Recent studies have even found certain breeds have genetic predispositions to loud noises

If you want to see the fireworks display, consider leaving your dog inside the house. Anticipate how your dog might react when startled. If you’re worried they could chew on certain furniture, consider distracting them with a treat or a toy. Raw bones are a solid choice by providing an easy distraction with a nice flavor. 

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Create a White Noise Environment to Drown Out Fireworks

Need a little more help to distract your canine companion? White noise is just as helpful for dogs as it is for us!

White noise provides a soothing environment, drowning out excess noise so they’re less startled. Common white noise choices for dogs include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Beach waves
  • Rainfall
  • Rustling leaves

Stay Calm as an Example 

A young man hugging scared dog

Your dog looks up to you as an example of behavior. You could say they’re almost like furry children, picking up our good and bad habits!

If you seem nervous or jumpy during the Fourth Of July, your dog will associate the holiday with stress. Likewise, if you’re cheerful and calm during fireworks, they’ll learn there’s no danger involved. 

Buy Long-Lasting Chew Treats for Distraction

We can’t stress this part enough. Chew treats for dogs are like sanity in a handy little package.

Never give your dogs bones off your plate. Brittle bones in chicken and fish will make your dog choke, so stick with the certified pet treats. Giant rawhide bones are durable and tasty, allowing your dog to chew to their heart’s delight. These treats alleviate boredom, stress, and built-up energy.

If your dog likes squeaky toys or bouncy toys, even better. The noise can also help drown out the fireworks!

We know you want to give your dog the very best. Contact us today to enjoy protective dog gear to keep your pet safe from burning asphalt, rain, and ice.

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