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Hello to our RIFRUF pack!

As a continuation of our last post, DOG SHOE TRAINING PART 1 featuring RIFRUF endorser Dr. Andy Chiang, DVM, we're bringing you part 2 of a three day series showing Kona the Corgi getting adjusted to her new dog sneakers.

In our last post we mentioned that we want to make sure we continue on our mission to enable your dogs to look their best and live to their fullest, every step of the way. So with that, we introduce to you our RIFRUF CLASSROOM: an educational series showcasing how to train your dogs to accept and wear dog shoes, dog boots, or dog sneakers.

This video shows our friend Dr. Andy Chiang, DVM. Andy not only agreed to endorse our dog shoes, but also wanted to show the world how to train and desensitize your dog to wearing dog shoes. Like with any foreign object such as a collar or harness, it will take some training and patience to acclimate your dog to wearing dog shoes or dog boots, but they'll be pros in no time.

Check out Andy's vlog post below on our Youtube channel, on how to train your dog to wearing dog shoes on the first day:

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