CLIMAPAW Raincoat and Boots Set Truffle BUNDLE SET & SAVE $20 Waterproof

SAVE - $180 $160
4.9 rating (22 votes)(22 Reviews)
stormhunter apollo bundle kit discount sale waterproof rain snow water coat jacket outerwear hood hoodie sweater turtleneck hiking water fall winter cold black orange
stormhunter apollo bundle kit discount sale waterproof rain snow water coat jacket outerwear ... Read More
Color: Truffle
stormhunter apollo bundle kit discount sale waterproof rain snow water coat jacket outerwear hood hoodie sweater turtleneck hiking water fall winter cold black orange

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  • Care info for Stormhunter Raincoat: Hand wash warm and air dry.
  • Care info for Apollo 1 Dog Boot: Machine wash and air dry.
  • Stormhunter Raincoat: If your dog is in between sizes, we suggest ordering the next size up.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are your dog shoes so pricey?

We know... our shoes are pricey, especially for dog shoes. But we want to make sure that our dogs get the same premium quality and comfort that our own shoes are made from. Lowering the cost means that our shoes wouldn't be tested by our veterinarian partner for safety and protection against man-made elements. If they weren’t worth the price, they wouldn't be recommended by Rover, The Spruce Pets, or Dog Spotted. RIFRUF® is not cheap, and that’s kind of the point.  P. S. Don’t be fooled by the dog shoe brands that sell a seemingly low price, when they’re actually only selling one pair of shoes. Our price reflects all 4 sneakers so that you have a full set right out of the box. 

What size should I get for my dog?

Our smart breed size guide provides sizing recommendations based on your dog's weight and breed. If you want to measure your pup's paws, we also offer an easy measuring guide that takes less than 5 minutes. We also have a size guide video to help determine the right size for your dog; simply scroll up on this page to the "Help Section" video section. Still not sure what size to get or second-guessing yourself? No worries, our customer support team is just an email away.

Will this fit my [insert dog breed here]?

Yes! We're an inclusive brand and believe in shoes for all dogs. Our shoes come in sizes 0 to 7, meaning they'll fit pups up to 120 lbs. If you don't see your dog breed listed on the smart breed size recommender, send us an email or chat message and we'll help you find your right size.

Are dog shoes unnatural?

They're about as "unnatural" as a harness, collar, or leash. We exist in a day and age where our canine companions live side-by-side with us and walk on "unnatural" man-made environments: burning asphalt, salted ice and snow, broken glass, you name it. Dog paw pads are tough, but nature didn't make them to be indestructible. Do your dog a favor and give them the shoes that they deserve.

My dog has bigger front paws than back paws. Help!

We made split sizes for that very reason. All sizes with a "/" in them come with 2 shoes in one size, and 2 shoes in the other. We're here to fit every pup, big, small, or front-paw endowed, with the sneakers they deserve.

What if my dog doesn't like the shoes?

Just like a harness or a collar, positive reinforcement goes a long way. Some dogs will take longer than others to adjust, but with practice, patience, and lots of praise, your dog will get adjusted to wearing RIFRUFs on the streets or the runway. Our tips & tricks video gives helpful pointers on getting your pup acclimated to wearing our shoes.

What is your exchange/return policy?

In the event your pup's shoes aren't the right fit, we offer hassle-free exchanges and returns through our self-serve return portal. We cover the shipping expenses for exchanges to make sure you get the shoes your dog deserves.

The item I want is sold out. When will you restock?

Demand for RIFRUF has been high, but unfortunately that can lead to stock-outs. To be the first to hear of in-stock availability, be sure to subscribe to our email newsletter. We always give RIFRUF Pack subscribers first notice of stock availability, as well as access to early drops, subscriber-exclusive promotions, and more.




For the outdoors

or the runway.

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RIFRUF Shoe: Size 0

Name: Bori
IG: @bori.rice
Breed: Chihuahua
Weight: 7.5lbs

RIFRUF Shoe: Size 1

Name: Archie
IG: @archiesarticles
Breed: Chihuahua Mix
Weight: 15lbs

RIFRUF Shoe: Size 2/3

Name: Teddy
IG: @sashimiteddy
Breed: Pug
Weight: 18lbs

RIFRUF Shoe: Size 3/4

Name: Noodles
IG: @noodles.thefrenchie
Breed: French Bulldog
Weight: 26lbs

RIFRUF Shoe: Size 4

Name: Fendii
IG: @fendii_shiba
Breed: Shiba lnu
Weight: 32lbs

RIFRUF Shoe: Size 5

Name: Autunm
IG: @the2huskies
Breed: Siberian Husky
Weight: 55lbs

RIFRUF Shoe: Size 6

Name: Shakespeare
Breed: Pitbull
Weight: 80lbs

RIFRUF Shoe: Size 7

Name: Dillinger
IG: @bewareofbullies
Breed: Doberman Pinscher
Weight: 104lbs