The Best Dog Raincoats Out Right Now

You look outside the window, and it's raining cats and dogs outside. It is important that we keep our pets warm and dry on rainy days. So when we reach for our rain gear and umbrella, we shouldn't forget about our furry friends. If you are a dog parent, putting them in an adorable raincoat and matching boot set before you go on a walk isn't just about the perfect Instagram photo #dogsinraincoats

Sure, a dog CAN get wet, but just like us, they can get cold and start to shiver. Getting drenched and sitting in cold water can weaken their immune systems, just like us. However, unlike humans, dogs like to shake off excess water when they come in from the rain. A raincoat is practical for both humans and dogs, and dog rain gear can actually save you the trouble of cleaning up a wet dog and house. 

Should I Put a Raincoat on My Dog?

You are correct in thinking that most dogs don't need to wear a rain jacket when on walks, but some breeds benefit from wearing outdoor gear. Dogs can benefit from a raincoat, especially if they are a hairless or short-haired breed. Breeds like Chihuahua, Terriers, French Bulldogs, Boxers, and other breeds who don't have a thick undercoat to protect them from the elements would benefit from having a coat. 

When rain and temperatures fall, just like humans, all dogs, even thicker coated breeds, need protection to remain comfortable outside. When the temperature dips below 45 degrees Fahrenheit or feels lower than 32 degrees, you should reach for your protective gear. Regardless of their breed, don't forget to protect your pup, especially senior dogs, and keep them extra warm and dry.

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Top Five Dog Raincoats, Rain Jackets, and Hoodies in 2022

In general, most dogs benefit from between 30 to 120 minutes of physical activity per day, according to PetMD online. Many pet owners enjoy taking their pups outside to run about and take a few walks per day. Unfortunately, we never know exactly what the weather might bring. So if it looks like possible clouds, rain, and colder temperatures, here are the top 5 dog raincoats, rain jackets, and hoodies trending this year that you and your dog will go barking mad for.

RIFRUF Essential Dog Hoodie

french bulldog wearing RIFRUF's essential dog hoodie

You and your dog can walk the damp city streets in style and safety with RIFRUF's Essential Dog Hoodie. Their hoods will keep your pup perfectly warm and dry and are a perfect match with a pair of their quality sneakers. They are made by a company that genuinely cares about your pet's well-being. 

After the owners risked one too many paw injuries from walking over salted ice, burning asphalt, and broken glass, Caesar and Peter Liu (Caesar's owner) realized that Caesar needed a solution to protect his paws. But after looking endlessly on the market, Peter could not find a single set of dog shoes that met design, quality, and functionality expectations. So they designed some!

Shop RIFRUF for designer dog shoes and gear today!

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Blueberry Pet's Two-Legged Reflective Dog Raincoat

Blueberry Pet 10" Star Prints Lightweight Reflective Waterproof Dog Raincoat with Hood & Harness Hole


This dog raincoat sticks out of the crowd with its waterproof polyester that offers protection during light rainy days for your pets. Blueberry Pet's Two-legged reflective dog raincoat is constructed with durable waterproof fabric. In extreme weather such as rainstorms or snow, water will typically seep through after time, and your pet might get wet.

This product is unique because there is a leash hole and reflective stripes on the back and around the hood and hem areas to ensure safety and visibility during the night. This raincoat features adhesive tape underneath the dog's belly for a close fit.

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RC Pet Products Packable Dog Rain Poncho

RC Pet Products Packable Dog Rain Poncho


The RC Pet Products Packable Dog Rain Poncho can weather any storm. Your pup can stay dry outside, and it won't interfere with potty or playtime. Dogs love wearing this lightweight poncho, and it can keep them dry all year round

No one likes getting drenched in unexpected showers! This easily Packable Rain Poncho makes it simple for you to be prepared when the first drop hits the ground. The bright, colorful, water-resistant poncho comes in a convenient carrying pouch that can be clipped to a leash or tucked away into a pocket.

Ruffwear Sun Shower Dog Raincoat

RUFFWEAR Waterproof Rain Coat for Dogs


Ruff the weather with Ruffwear Sun Shower Dog Raincoat. This adventure vest-type waterproof dog coat is perfect for even larger canine breeds. This raincoat is made for hiking, running, and even tough enough for mountain climbing.

Choose your favorite color of Ruffwear Sun Shower, which is known for its lightweight waterproof design that can keep dogs comfortable and dry during wet weather adventures. Side-release buckles allow for easy on/off, while reflective trim enhances your dog's visibility in the wilderness

Voyager Lightweight Dogs Raincoat Rain Jacket Poncho

Voyager Waterproof Dogs Raincoat - Rain Poncho by Best Pet Supplies

This is more of a classic design take on dog raincoats and ponchos. Pick from classic solid colors like yellow and red and stick out on your walk with your best friend. Voyager's Lightweight Dog Poncho is ready to wear rainy-day apparel that helps keep out wind and water. The classic design allows proper ventilation and circulation, and the adjustable chest and belly Velcro straps make for a secure and comfy fit.

Bonus: The polyester material used in these raincoats tends to be easy to clean and wipe dry!

Final Factors to Consider From Your Friends at RIFRUF

No more extra work after your walk like wiping off wet and messy dogs – and then having to start cleaning up the wet, muddy floors after them! Keeping you and your animal friend dry and safe frees up more time for time spent doing what really matters. Playtime with your dog! Shop RIFRUF today.

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