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How Much Exercise Does A Dog Need?

Ahh, dogs. One of the most beloved furry friends, everyone loves to have a dog in their household. They're great companions to give love and affection towards, who will undoubtedly return it while being extraordinarily eager and adoring. There isn't much way to go wrong with caring for these pups, so long as you put effort into what they need and give it your all. One of the core ways you can make your dog's life a million times better is by giving them ample exercise. This article will discuss how much exercise dogs need and how you can provide it. So without any further adieu, let's get right into it.

How Much Exercise My Adult Dog Needs

An adult dog's exact amount of exercise varies based on a few factors, including their breed, age, personality, and energy level. For instance, smaller toy-dog species may need less activity than larger breeds like greyhounds. It all depends on the exact dog you have, so there isn't one universal baseline that works for your dog - it's worth talking to your vet to figure out what might work for your specific breed.

However, age is an excellent way to determine how much exercise your pup needs. Adult dogs could do well to get an hour of exercise per day - this is a benchmark that could work well for giving your dog much-needed care.

How Much Exercise My Senior Dog Needs

Elderly Couple Standing in The Woods On A Bright Day With Their German Sheperd

Senior dogs are a bit responsible when it comes to making sure that they get the right amount of exercise. With age comes slowing down, alongside a fair bit of health issues brought on by associated ailments. The best metric to go off of to get your dog the right amount of exercise when they're older isn't to go based on exact numbers but to slow down a bit and cater to your dog's needs. Recognize when they're in pain, stop if they need it, and don't be afraid to slow down as much as possible.

Also, give your dogs as much exercise as possible; however, age is essential for keeping them up and going and avoiding any health issues. It might be worth aiming for 30 to 40 minutes a day of exercise.

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How Much Exercise Does My Puppy Need?

While with a puppy, you might be anticipating that you should go quickly and not stop under any circumstances, it's best to take it slowly with them so that you don't over-exert your pup. They're small and fragile and will need to take the most time possible to develop and grow as much as they can. So let them go and exert their energy while also monitoring to ensure that they don't get hurt and rest as much as they need.

Also, check with your vet if you have a giant dog breed to ensure that they don't have any health conditions - if they do, monitor them to help avoid the onset of things like arthritis

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How to Get Your Dog More Exercise

There's plenty of ways to get your dog more exercise, and no one method is better than another for approaching. We outline specific activities for you to do below. However, there are a few other things to remember if you're helping your pup get the most fun and exercise.

Make sure you get cardio in for your dog at a minimum - at least three walks per day is an excellent criterion to go off of while maintaining a brisk pace. In addition, you can offer a sniffing break for them every few minutes - 20 minutes or so - as a reward for good behavior. 

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Indoor Exercises for Your Dog

There are a few exercises that, surprisingly, you can do indoors to help your dog get the energy boost that it may need. With stairs in your house you can run up and down them with your pup to help them get some exercise hours in. If you have a treadmill, that can also work well for getting some exercise in for your dog. Playing some tug with a rope toy is also a good pick that is guaranteed to give your dog a great workout.

Outdoor Exercises for Your Dog

You can do some exercises outside with your dog. For example, you could play a game of fetch with them and have them run around your yard or a park. Alternatively, you could take them on a hike through the woods and explore the nature around where you live. You could also go swimming with your pup and get them some friendly physical activity.

Mental Exercises for Your Dog

Obedience training is essential for your dog and a great way to get some mental exercise in for them. You can use it to teach them tricks and commands and get them to listen to you when they're acting up. It's an excellent technique to try out for training your dog.

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How Much Exercise Does Your Dog Need?

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How much exercise your dog needs varies based on a lot of factors, as previously mentioned. There's no right amount that works for every dog, so make sure to talk to a vet and keep in mind your dog's specific needs and wants.

The Importance of Taking Your Dog for a Daily Walk

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