How To Choose The Best Dog Leash For Your Dog

You and your dog are going to do a lot of walking together, and while you'll see many dogs out without a leash, it's not a good idea. Using a leash doesn't do your dog any harm or needlessly restrict them - in fact, according to scientific studies, a leash protects your dog. Leashing is essential to their wellbeing and will, in many ways, make your walks more enjoyable for both of you.  

There are various types and styles of leashes to keep you and your dog comfortable and allow you both to move efficiently. So if one type doesn't do it for you, you can choose another.  

Here, we'll discuss the importance of leashes and look for the best leashes for different dogs and situations. 

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Why is it Essential to Leash Your Dog?

Having a dog is a responsibility - not just for the health and safety of your dog but for everyone around you. So, a leash is essential when you and your dog are in public spaces. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Traffic. Even a well-behaved dog can impulsively run into traffic, leaving their owner powerless to keep them safe.
  • Cleanliness. Mud, puddles, and larger bodies of water can be tempting for the dog running about without a leash. You'll be stuck trying to retrieve them from the water and then have to give them an impromptu bath. 
  • Other people and dogs. Your dog is naturally curious and excited about people and other dogs, but without the restriction of a leash, they're prone to rush up to them and cause upset or even injury. 
  • Prevent them from eating things they shouldn't. Your dog loves a little nibble while they're out and about. Sometimes a person will offer them something they shouldn't, or your dog could find something non-edible to consume.  
  • Disease control. An unleashed dog can run off and eat other animals' droppings, making them very ill or causing disease.
  • A leash shows ownership. A controlled, well-behaved dog is a credit to their owner, and people are kinder to animals who have owners who care.

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What Are the Best Leashes for Dogs Who Pull?

Dogs pull on leashes for lots of reasons. If you have a dog who pulls, you already know that not only is it a real challenge, but it can be dangerous to both of you. 

Choose a leash that is:

  • Designed for the size and breed of your dog 
  • Durable - made of nylon, leather, or rope   
  • Visible - LED lights, etc.
  • Shock absorbent to prevent injury

Heavy Duty Leather Leash

ADITYNA Brown Leather Dog Leash

Make sure your leash is long and durable. This heavy-duty leather leash is strong and soft, and made with large and medium-sized dogs in mind. At 6 feet long, this leash has been tested on over 500 medium-sized and large dogs successfully. It has a heavy-duty, 360-degree stainless steel clasp for added functionality and control.  

The softness of the leather makes it comfortable in your hand, so it won't burn if your dog pulls hard. This leash is perfect for walking and training.  

"Thunderleash" No-Pull Leash

Black ThunderLeash No-Pull Dog Leash

The ThunderLeash was created to make your dog walks safer and more enjoyable. The 'no pull' hardware solves the pulling problem by applying safe pressure that reduces the instances of pulling or the need for a harness. Of course, nothing is wrong with harnesses, but it can take a little more effort to put it on your dog before each walk, and some dogs don't like them. But with the Thunderleash, you won't have to worry about a constant tug of war with your dog. You will be free to enjoy your walks, and so will your dog. 

It's a simple solution:

  • When your dog is in a cooperative mood, use the Thunderleash like you would any other leash - just attach it to their collar.
  • When your dog is apt to pull, just wrap the Thunderleash around their torso and slide it to the harness slot on the hardware. Then, if your dog pulls, they will feel mild pressure around their torso, making them stop.  

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Best Leashes to Secure Your Dog

The best leash to secure your dog when in public spaces is anyone that works well for both of you. People will have different preferences, as will their dogs. But you want a leash that is appropriate to the size and breed of your dog, that allows you both to move naturally and is comfortable. 

3-in-1 Adjustable Leashes

Fable 3-in-1 Adjustable Dog Leash

Our last recommendation is for dog owners who sometimes need their hands free. The Magic Link 3-in-1 Adjustable Leash was created with both you and your dog in mind. It can be either a slip-on collar for your dog or be attached to a standard collar or harness to ensure your dog's safety. But it is also versatile for you. The Magic Link can be worn as a wrist-strap, a belt, or even a bandolier (cross-body)! You can be completely hands-free and maintain safe control over your dog. 

Leather Leash for Large Dogs 

Logical Leather Full Grain Heavy Duty Genuine Short Leather Leash Best for Large Dogs

Logical Leather provides this full-grain leather leash if a short leash is more your style. It is made for heavy-duty use and only measures 14 inches long and was tested up to 245 lbs of pulling force! This leash is great for service dogs (police or military) or if you walk your dog in an area where you need to keep them close. 

A leather leash will require minimal care to keep it soft and manageable in your hands. You won't have to deal with burning or hair left on your hands like when you use nylon leashes. This leash has a strong metal clasp that won't open accidentally. 

Slip Rope Leash

Coolrunner Durable Dog Slip Rope Leash

The slip rope leash can be used without a collar. You just slip the soft, high-density, braided nylon noose around your small to medium-sized dog's neck. The rope is durable and fully adjustable so you can ensure your dog's comfort and safety. If your dog tries to pull, the leash will tighten and then loosen when they stop. So, this is an excellent leash for training.  

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What is the Worst Leash for Dogs and Humans? 

Briefly, let's touch on what is probably the worst leash for your dog - the retractable leash. According to Consumer Reports, this popular type of leash is responsible for a disproportionate amount of injuries to owners - including amputations. In one year alone, there were over 16,000 hospital-treated leash-related injuries. The injuries include burns and cuts from the cord, and more severe injuries came from the cord wrapping around a body part - owner or dog.  

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